Law meets GRACE- A short story by Prophet D.Behane

When LAW and GRACE came face to face on Golgotha, LAW had no idea what was just about to happen. LAW had no idea that his encounter with GRACE would result in his power being taken away. You see, LAW reigned from the time of Moses. From mount Sinai to a new city set on a hill, Jerusalem. LAW reigned with an iron fist with death as his reward to all those that disobeyed him. Because LAW was oblivious to reality, LAW decided to take a jab at Jesus on the cross…He said, in Lk 23:39 “ if thou be Christ, save thyself and us.” You see, LAW is all about doubt, works and self-righteousness. LAW says to Jesus, “ IF THOU…”. LAW always questions the spiritual and never understands it. LAW goes on to say, “ SAVE YOURSELF” because LAW is all about self-effort. LAW is an accuser.
GRACE would have non of that. Grace knew that LAW`s reign was over. GRACE stepped in, as the defender and advocate that he is and said in, Lk 23:40 “……Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation…….?” GRACE is blind to wrongs and stands in the gap of the accused. GRACE always covers the back of the accused. And guess what………????????

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